EVEREST: The Journey Begins

Session with Shailee Basnet

Between the Everest and Lhotse, I was standing, with the friend who was silent, slept and dead, beside our two Sherpa guides.

Shailee Basnet,

One of the member of The Seven Summits Women Team that scaled Mt Everest in 2008, The Seven Summits Women Team went on to climb the highest mountain in each continent, becoming the first women’s team ever to attain that feat.

For a good session you need a good story and a good speaker and todays session we had both. The speaker was so mesmerizing to hear that when she was telling us about her journey to Everest with her story I felt like the Everest of Life began after The Everest.
The session with her was worthful, hearing about the journey to 8848 was very relatable to our life, the hurdles, problem, criticism, and that moment of success, was all pointing with knowledge.
Relating those every moments with life was really a good points from her. Every problem is Everest and to solve it, we go through series of hurdles, one step at a time. By the time we reach the summit, the excitement last for fraction of seconds.
Because after that, Everest of Life begins.
Listening this session, Those time she really went transformation, she got the another level of consciousness. She understood what life is??
It began in her training session, when she was hanging on rock climbing, neither she can gave up nor she could climb up. A complete separation of her mind and body. Body wants to climb down Mind wants to climb up.
Between the Lhotse and Everest, She was again divided, giving up on her dream and sitting by the body lying dead. She was completely stuck, And she remain neutral just prohibiting the negative thoughts, negative energy with complete silence.
Her dreams were failing and person nearest to her are helpless and gone. This is the main phase of real transformation. Everything in your life is leaving you, you seems to be helpless.

All you have is YOU.
Don’t just run for success, have support for that success too.

Her decision was right, She remained with herself with silence, that was the minimum point in life, minimum energy level that keeps us alive.
You are the only one who remains with you even when everything around you seems to dissolve. I hope those hours is more memorable in her life than anything else.
In the summit, She was excited and dancing, enjoying that her dreams comes true, After few seconds she realized that she have to carry her life again to the base. Its our dream its our hope which keeps us alive, the journey to the summit was easier than the downhill.
After the summit Everest begins, she had no dreams and wills to reach base than the summit, so the journey becomes more tough.

Life is the Everest, we choose the point when we should be happy may be the summit, but more time we spent is on the journey to reach the dream and journey after the dream.
One step at a Time,

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